How to improve your sales results using sales automation

Do you use digital tools to grow your sales results?

I don’t mean if you have a CRM system or use excel;

I mean:
• Do you have records of all interactions that your sales team and other client facing
employees have had with your clients?
• Do you have a clear overview of what deals your salespeople are working on?
• Do you have a targeted approach to increase the share of wallet with your clients?
• Do you monitor other KPIs than activities and revenue
• Do you know exactly what deals your salespeople are working on how they are

If your answer is NO to any of them, don’t worry you are not alone, and you have a great opportunity to crush your sales numbers without using tons of time and invest lots of money.

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HandsOnSales focus is sales, and we had tested a significant amount of CRM tools before we decided to partner up with Pipedrive, it was a natural choice as Pipedrive also believes in activity-based sales.

Can you AGREE to any of the below questions?

It is difficult to make informed decisions, because you do not have precise information?

You do not know how and on what your sales team spends their time on?

If a sales engineer leaves, he brings the client information with him?

You sometimes forget about deals, because you do not have an excellent overview of your company’s deals?

It is problematic to make a forecast on the revenue, because you do not know what deals you have in your pipeline?

It is challenging to evaluate the sales team’s actual performance?

If YES then click below

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