The reason why one I have this belief is because I have worked for companies that had the slogan: “do the right thing right” or one even to get one step further their slogan was “do the right thing right the first time”

this might work for a production line where things needs to be done in a certain way in a certain order but for trading company sales organizational basically any other organizational structure this doesn’t work why just think of it if you need to do the right thing right then you need to know what the right things are i there is no manual where you can look it up then what do you do, you look to your colleagues you look to what and how was it done yesterday and then you do it that way however that kills all progress because the state to escrow is never challenged that

the world is changing so rapidly new technologies invented daily so you have two chains the way you operate on a daily basis I mean basically because what wasn’t possible yesterday might be possible today I mean I’m I’m that old that I remember riding on typewriters I’m remembered having paper filing systems and if they have really lived up to the do the right thing right then there was to be sitting in having their files on paper to see that today you would say wow this company really have gotten stuck in time they haven’t moved on since the 80s or even the 70s.