The HandsOnSales Breakthrough Sales Transformation Program

I assist you in becoming a highly admired sales leader who outperforms your competition

I assist and keep you accountable, to make sure you execute and constantly move forward.

Tailored, Sales Transformation

I work “hands-on”, and I will tailor the Breakthrough Program, so it maps your unique business situation.

We have designed the breakthrough program in six phases, each one described below which will secure that you make informed decision’s and by the end of the program have implemented a winning sales strategy with tools you can use in the future. In the program I will work with the sales manager or the business owner and keep them accountable so we secure that all the set out task is completed and the program is successfully implemented.

The way we will work together 

Tailored, Sales Transformation

I work “hands-on”, and I will tailor the Breakthrough Program, so it maps your unique business situation.

Coaching calls

We connect through videoconferencing; it gives us flexibility when we schedule our weekly/bi-weekly coaching calls.

In between the coaching calls, we stay connected through email, WhatsApp, Skype or other communications channels.

Coaching calls + Meetings

Same as the coaching calls, but we meet face to face once a month, every two months or quarterly for a full day.

This gives us the opportunity to involve more people from your team and we can get more done at once.

Typical agenda 

  • Follow up on last call/meeting action points

  • Status on own and team APE (Activity, Priority, Execution)

  • Status on Results

  • Success stories and stories to learn from

  • Repetition of teachings

  • New teachings/topics

  • Agree on action points for next meeting

  • Agree on date/time for next meeting/call.

The breakthrough program six phases



In the first phase of the breakthrough program we will focus on sales theory, so we have a common understanding before we move into working on your business.

We will focus on the below tools and systems:

• RAPEC formula for creating sales results
• APE; Activity, Priority, Execution
• Why clients buy
• FBI, features – benefits – impacts
• UI, unique impacts
• The sales game
• Buyer drivers
• Ideal client segments
• Seller process vs buyer process.
• 4 Cs, How to become your client’s trusted business partner

Identify Oppertunities

In the second phase will focus on knowing the facts about your business to identify overlooked opportunities, concealed assets, bottlenecks, under performance and ineffective routines and systems.

Some of the areas we will focus on:
  • Clients; Pipeline, client mix, client accounting for 80% of revenue, clients accounting for 80% of profit, won and lost clients, why clients buy, why clients don’t buy, profitability, lifetime value, client survey.
  • Products; Product mix, business model, cost structure,
  • External sales team; APE, results, won/lost clients, activities, time study, focus, sales skills.
  • Internal sales team; APE, call center, cold calling, order handling
  • Marketing; Presentation material, website, social media, traditional
  • Market; Direct competitors, indirect competitors, potential disruption
  • Strategy; Business model, ideal clients
  • Partners; Results, kind of partnership, activities, ideal partners
  • Systems; Pipeline, CRM, lead generation, online ordering
  • For distributors; Contracts, cost prices, marketing support, competing product lines


In the third phase we use the facts we found when we analyzed your business, to optimize and strategize your business.

We will focus on:

• Optimize routines
• Optimize systems
• Identifying your Ideal client;
• Opportunity strategy
• Marketing strategy
• Partner strategy
• Business model
• Supplier strategy if distributor.

Develop a Sales Playbook

In the fourth phase we will develop a Sales Playbook that will assist the sales team to improve their communication with the client’s and optimize their time and results.

We will focus on:
  • FBI; For your most important products/services and your company.
  • UI; On the selected FBI’s.
  • Decision-makers profiles; Who are the typical decision makers at your ideal clients?
  • Buyer drivers; What are the decision makers, drivers?
  • Presentations; Create various presentation kits to use for ideal clients and others
  • Question library; Develop a library of questions based on FBI’s, UI’s and decision makers.
  • Objections library; Develop a library of the most common objections and responses to them

Action Plans

In the fifth phase it’s all about planning and setting goals

We will focus on:
  • What do we want to achieve?
  • What is needed to achieve it?
  • Who needs to do what, when?
  • Client plans
  • Product plans
  • Individual action plans
  • Team action plans
  • Growth action plans
  • Supplier plans


The sixth phase is all about implementing

We will focus on:
  • Follow-up routine
  • Pipeline system
  • Sales coaching of sales team

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