“Win More Sales by Becoming Your Client’s Trusted Business Partner”

With this ILLUSTRATED book, you will learn proven ways to gain your client’s confidence and build trusted business partnerships, with examples from the first interaction to how you maintain the trust once you establish it.

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Engaging and beautifully designed book

Powerful and to the point.

Great insight on how to build trust

What an inspiring book loaded with detailed insights on how to gain trust in a B2B environment. This is the first book which I have read, which is a pleasure to read due to the engaging design. I am now using many of the ideas listed in the book with positive results. I can recommend the book to all who wants to establish trusted partnerships.


I had the pleasure of reading Michael Juhl’s new book “Win more Sales”, where Michael takes the reader through the four fundamental traits for being or becoming a successful Sales Professional. Michael understands with his format to keep he messages simple, yet powerful and to the point, which provides the reader with a usable tool box for developing as a Sales professional. Whether you are new to Sales or and experienced Sales person, I can recommend this read. Thank you, Michael.


Sales Director

This book is well written and provides actionable tips on building productive relationships with your clients while maintaining integrity. It highlights key personality traits that will help you become a successful professional. I highly recommend it.

Tech Entrepreneur

Win NEW CLIENT’S and build TRUSTED business partnerships in a B2B environment where it is becoming harder to differentiate on product features.

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With this ILLUSTRATED book, you will learn proven ways to gain your client’s confidence and build trusted business partnerships, with examples from the first interaction to how you maintain the trust once you establish it.

In B2B sales today, it is all about gaining your client’s trust and it is important that you can do it quickly as you will have a shorter time as much of the clients buying decision is done before you meet them the first time.

 When a client decides to work with you, he does so because he wants to multiply his investments. He expects a positive outcome.

And why not?

The client is taking a significant risk in doing so. He is the one investing his hard-earned money and his reputation in a product or service. The client is putting his investments in your hands. That is why a client will do what it takes to minimize any risk. Your job as a sales executive is never to betray that trust. It is hard to repair a damaged professional relationship once we break trust.

 What are the benefits of being a trusted business partner?

As cliché as it may sound, we earn trust. You cannot force a client to trust you. We base a successful partnership on trust. If you are transparent, honest, and you share the same values and goals with your partners, the rewards are high. Some benefits you will gain when you build a trust-based partnership with your clients are:

  • You will get introduced to fresh business opportunities.
  • You will get referrals.
  • Gain valuable insights
  • Advantage in an RFP process.
  • The client will give you the benefit of the doubt.
  • Timely payments.

Who should read this book:

  • Sales engineers: who want to win more clients and build strong business partnerships with them.
  • Sales managers and business owners: Who needs to coach their sales team to gain more clients and establish long-lasting partnerships with them.
  • Entrepreneurs: If you have a fantastic product or service for B2B clients but you are new to selling; this book will shortcut your road to success.

About Trust in a B2B Environment:

Trust is the foundation of a successful business partnership. It is the glue that ties all successful relationships together, whether in business and life. No matter what product, services, or information you sell, if you do not sell with trust, then you will not make much of an impact on people that matter: your clients.

No one understands this better than sales coach and veteran sales executive, Michael Juhl. With over 35 years of experience in sales, Michael has conducted businesses in over 50 countries.

In his game-changing book, Michael Juhl has identified the FOUR Cs of a successful business relationship:  Communicate, Conduct, Competence, and Character.

Sales executives are much like icebergs; we only see one-seventh of its bulk above the water surface. Not all your qualities will show during the first meeting with a client. It will take some time before a client gets to see all your qualities. If the client likes what he sees, he will move forward with the deal, and over time, you build trust.

After reading this book, you will know:

  • Why trust is the fundamental part of any business relationship
  • How a trust-based partnership will benefit your career
  • How to leverage trust-based selling to fine-tune your skills and win long-term clients
  • What you can do to gain, maintain, and even rebuild trust once you break it


For the price of a cup of coffee, you will learn the shortcut to becoming a trusted business partner, something that I spent YEARS learning!

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